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News / Innovation:

Fiber tow cutting blade

Trützschler MAN-MADE FIBER at ITMA 2015

Trützschler MAN-MADE FIBERS informs about new machines as well as new processes and end products. On the occasion of the ITMA, the company introduces a new generation of staple fibre machines to the market. The advancements stand under the heading of modularity - all components are designed as stand-alone units.

The new modular components demonstrate their advantages not only in complete Trützschler installations; they are also ideal plug-and-play units when modernising existing installations. Ever since the product range of the Egelsbach equipment manufacturer includes staple fibre spinning, the focus - in addition to machine manufacturing - is increasingly also on product development. Trützschler Man-Made Fibers’ „Hollow Conjugate Fibres“ are a new type of self-crimping fibres, distinguished by an extremely environmentally friendly spinning process. 

The filament sector highlights the diversity of its product range for the economic production of high-quality carpet yarns. The focus is on the new 3-end spinning system M30 with reliable components such as the polymer-independent spin beam and the HPTex texturing system. The portfolio thus covers 2-end, 3-end and 4-end concepts for various polymers, including recycled material. Now it is possible to respond to all process requirements as well as spatial or economic conditions even more effectively.