Bale Openers

Open to tailor-made opening

Automatic Bale Opener BO-P

The portal bale opener BO-P offers a larger working width with less space requirement and better blending.

  • 2.5 to 3.0 t material per hour
  • Up to 50 %* more working width
  • 30 to 45 % less space requirement
  • 25 to 40 % better blending
  • Up to 48 h unattended operation of a bale lay-down

* compared to BO-A

Automatic Bale Opener BLENDOMAT BO-A

Maximum flexibility in terms of bale lay-down and work-off:

  • Opening of optimum quality chain
  • Production capacity up to 2,000 kg/h
  • Work-off of 1 to 3 bale groups
  • Lay-down (up to 200 bales) for long, unattended operation
  • Working width max. 2,300 mm, and machine length of 50 m and more
  • Two opening rolls ensure uniform production and tuft size
  • Separate lay-down for parallel lots
  • Simple and safe operation
Universal Bale Opener BO-U
    • The economical solution for small lots
    • Specific mixing of different material flows possible with additional trunks
    • In supplement to BO-A, dosed addition (of cleaned waste/sliver waste) possible
      Bale Opener BO-E

      The smaller and space-saving Bale Opener BO-E is ideal for medium production rates up to approx. 750 kg/h. Its technology is comparable to the one of the BO-U.

      Waste Opener BO-R
      • The specially designed technology allows feeding of small amounts of waste such as card and draw frame slivers
      • Uniform feeding possible even at minimum production of 5 kg/h
      Compact Bale Opener BO-C
      • Highest flexibility on smallest space by direct feeding of individual cards/card groups
      • Particularly suited for opening of man-made fibres at low and medium production rates
      Portal Bale Opener BO-P
      The point density is 15 % higher than on BLENDOMAT BO-A
      Automatic Bale Opener BLENDOMAT BO-A
      Universal Bale Opener BO-U (shown here in version with one trunk feeder)
      The BO-R reliably opens sliver waste as well
      The Compact Bale Opener BO-C is ideal for feeding a small man-made fibre installation, and can directly feed an opener