Clear line towards success

Our solutions for economic processing of cotton and man-made fibres in the short staple sector: Cleaner CLEANOMAT and Opener TUFTOMAT. The cleaners of the CLEANOMAT system ensure a high degree of cleaning at minimum fibre loss for these components. The investment in these technologies pays off within a short time due to increased yield of good fibres.

Tailor-made opener range

In addition to the economic efficiency, the CLEANOMAT system also impresses by the product quality at the end of the process. This, among other things, is due to the optional, infinitely variable drives. This perfection continues with the TUFTOMAT system when opening the fibres. Whether processing polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, viscose or bleached cotton: For each application there is a tailor-made solution.

The system components
  • Gentle cleaning from the start
  • Removal of coarse impurities from the raw material
CLEANOMAT Universal Cleaner CL-U
  • Unparalleled efficiency
  • WASTECONTROL in series
  • Covers all standard applications
  • 4-roll feed unit
  • Cleaning and opening in one process
  • Excellent cleaning (even with long staple cottons)
  • 1 Cleaning roll 
  • Stand-alone cleaner for medium to severe impurity level in cottons
  • In combination with Pre-Cleaner CL-P, it is suited for almost all cottons
  • 3 cleaning rolls
  • Maximum cleaning, extremely gentle to the fibres
  • Flexible adjustment of cleaning degree
  • Perfect adaptation to every cotton
  • Very clean machines, even when processing sticky cotton
  • Higher yarn quality and improved running behaviour in OE and ring spinning
  • Reduced maintenance due to belt drives and maintenance-free motors
  • Precision computer control and monitoring
Pre-Cleaner CL-P
Universal Cleaner CL-U
Cleaner CL-C 3
Universal Opener TO-U
Tuftomat TO-T1
Fine Opener TO-C