Trützschler T-SCAN TS-T5

The new generation of foreign part separators

A complex task for our developers: „How is it possible to further improve the benchmark for foreign part separation?"
The solution, which denotes an all-time high-end, is: "By adding new features that have not been possible up to now!".

The T-SCAN TS-T5 presents a new generation of foreign part separators and, compared to the predecessor machine SP-FPU, features two additional technologies:

  • F-Module – coloured/dark foreign parts
  • P-Module – transparent foreign parts
  • UV-Module – fluorescent foreign parts
  • G-Modul – shiny foreign parts (NEW)
  • LED-lighting – small/tdin foreign parts (NEW)
Focus of the development
  • Improved detection of white PP strips
  • Improved detection of small/thin coloured PP strips
  • Low good fiber loss
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low air consumption 
  • Extended service intervals
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Minimum space requirement
  • Integration into existing cleaner lines
Trützschler Foreign Part Separator

The perfect machine for every task

Trützschler T-SCAN TS-T5  

This machine presents the current high end of separation technology. The function, number of detection modules as well as lighting technology are unique in the market. Even problems concerning the detection of colourless and opaque, white PP have been eliminated.

Foreign Part Separator SP-FPO

The SP-FPO fights PP contamination in an optimal manner. Its camera technology and coordinated light colour allow the detection of transparent and semi-transparent PP parts as well as fluorescent parts. The integrated high performance dust removal of the SP-FPO makes this solution a good choice in rotor spinning mills.

Foreign Part Separator T-SCAN TS-T3

The TS-T3 is a good choice if low-contrast foreign parts are no problem. Its structure is similar to T-SCAN TS-T5 and includes the modules:

  • F-Module
  • P-Module
  • UV-Module
Maximum dust removal for all production stages

Maximum dust removal for all production stagesIf an integrated solution (e.g. on SP-FPO) is not applied, the effective dust removal with a DUSTEX SP-DX machine offers: 

  • Higher efficiency rates
  • Longer lives of clothings and spinning components
  • Improved running behaviour of the spinning machines
  • Increased economic efficiency of the total installation
  • Clean ambient air

This is of particular advantage to downstream processing: Thoroughly dedusted slivers ensure optimized running behaviour during yarn formation, e.g. in rotor spinning machines, but also significantly higher efficiency rates (less yarn breaks) in winding, knitting, warping and weaving.

Trützschler T-SCAN TS-T5 with F-Module, G-Module, P-Module, UV-Module, LED-Module
Foreign Part Separator SP-FPO with F/P-Module, UV-Module, Dust removal module, CONTIFEED-Module with opener roll
Trützschler T-SCAN TS-T3 with F module, P module, UV module
Dust Separator DUSTEX SP-DX