Installation protection

An efficient installation protection assures production

The modular Truetzschler system protects blow room machines against damage from heavy parts and metal parts. Special solutions for air guidance and material transport improve the economic efficiency of the cleaning line. 

The following components are available for customised solutions:

Multi Functional Separator SP-MF
  • Suction of BLENDOMAT BO-A
  • Heavy part separation
  • Metal separation
  • Dust removal/air separation
  • Waste feeding
Metal Separator SP-EM
  • Electronically controlled metal separation
  • Helps protect cleaners and cards from metal parts
  • Requires no exhaust air and filter capacity
Heavy Part Separator SP-H
  • Separates heavy parts from the tuft flow into a waste container
  • Maintenance-free
  • Requires no electricity
  • Minimum effort without additional operation costs
Integrated Heavy Part Separator SP-IH
  • Mounted directly on Universal Bale Opener BO-U or condenser
  • Right angle suction (heavy parts fall straight down)
  • Simple and cost efficient
Magnet Trap BR-MT
  • Basic protection against magnetic particles
  • Installed directly into pipeline
Energy savings with SP-MF
The Multi Function Separator SP-MF combines many functions in a compact form. It is prepared for the integration of fire protection devices.
Electronic Metal Separator SP-EM
Heavy Part Separator SP-H