TC 15

with higher production and better quality

1.28m ideal working width
30 - 50% higher productivity
Constant, high sliver quality
1.28m ideal working width
30 - 50% higher productivity
Constant, high sliver quality

The new card TC 15

Building on the success of the benchmark Card TC 10 with 1 m working width, the 1.28 m wide Card TC 15 was launched. The TC 15 is based on Truetzschler’s extensive technological experience in large working widths, and offers significantly improved production capacity, quality, and equipment handling. 

30-50% higher production

Depending on the specific spinning process and material involved, the production of the TC 15 with an ideal working width of 1.28m and improved performance is 30-50 % higher without compromising on precision compared with the 1 m wide Card TC 10.

Consistently high sliver quality

With the newly designed robust construction and Truetzschler’s flat top know-how, the new generation of MAGNOTOP for TC 15 remains stable and allows excellent carding results even at changing environment, temperature, and production rates.

Low maintenance and operator-friendly

Gentle web guidance at low drafts with effective suction eliminates almost all sliver breaks through the advanced web doffing system. An integrated pneumatic piecing aid makes the operation very simple. The sliver sensor DISC MONITOR measures every meter of card sliver before it is deposited into the can.

Broad portfolio of coiling systems

The right sliver coiling system for every application – Truetzschler offers tailor-made systems for can filling. The options include rotary can changer, can filling station or linear can changer.

Digital Mill Monitoring System “My Mill”

Whether you need information about your production, quality, maintenance or simply a complete overview - with My Mill the possibilities are almost limitless. Everything is possible, from the complete installation to production lines to detailed analyses at machine level. 

Card TC 15 Brochure

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