Trützschler Card TC 15

Success based on four pillars: Quality, productivity, flexibility and costs

15 % more productivity

Since the introduction of the new card generation in 2011, continuous developments have allowed a further increase in productivity of many individual TC 15 elements by an additional 15% compared to the TC 11, thus achieving lowest carding costs.

Unique features of the TC 15 in the high-performance segment are: 
  • Expansion of performance limits through T-MOVE and T-CON
  • Increased delivery speeds during can change (can diameter 1,000 mm and 1,200 mm)
  • Reduced air consumption
  • Smallest floor space in comparison to production 
  • Lowest waste quantities
New web doffing

Today's technology allows delivery speeds well above 400 m/min in practice. For this reason, web doffing and sliver forming have been newly developed for speeds up to 500 m/min for the TC 15.

Quality at the highest level

"The length of the carding section determines the quality". Even though this has been common knowledge for some time, Trützschler is the only one with the longest carding section worldwide. For this reason, Trützschler cards have set the standard for quality for decades. The valuable raw material cotton is optimally used, which ultimately also contributes to an increase in productivity.

Card TC 15 Brochure

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