Can Filling Station T-MOVE 2

Gentler sliver coiling and quicker can change

Gentler sliver coiling

Previously, the can filling quantity was limited by the bulging of the sliver coiling. In the centre, the slivers are stacked on top of each other and are very strongly compacted.
With the new Can Filling Station T-MOVE 2, the coiling of the layers is offset. This prevents pressure marks in the middle. The slivers are subject to less pressure and keep their round cross-section to a great extent. This results in qualitative advantages during processing in the creel and feeding into the drafting system of the downstream draw frame.

The technological and economic advantages:
  • Gentler sliver coiling
  • Fewer pressed slivers at increased can filling
  • High delivery speed during can change
  • Less space requirement
  • Increased card efficiency
Save space with large cans in the smallest space

Even though the JUMBO CANS have a diameter of 1,200 mm, no greater distance between the cards is necessary.
T-MOVE 2 with 1,200 mm cans requires less space than other can changers with 1,000 mm cans. In addition, T-MOVE 2 allows an operator aisle between the cards and the sliver coiling system. This passage considerably shortens the distance for the operator.

Installation under floor or above floor
The T-MOVE concept