Intelligent waste optimization with WASTECONTROL TC-WTC

Truetzschler cleaners with WASTECONTROL have ensured the best raw material utilisation and minimum waste for years. From now on, WASTECONTROL is also part of the intelligent carding with the TC 19i.

The optical sensor of WASTECONTROL TC-WTC permanently monitors the waste quality at the most important cleaning point, the licker-in. If too many good fibers are registered in the waste, the system optimizes the mote knife adjusting system via the servo motor.

The influence of WASTECONTROL on the cost-effectiveness of carding is tremendous. Savings as small as a few tenth of a percent re-sult already in enormous raw material savings.

Whereas on other cards the waste separation is not measurable and cannot be influenced during production, the TC 19i always works at optimum efficiency thanks to its networked data.

110,900 US$ savings in raw material purchase
Economic efficiency calculation

When using 20,000 t/a of cotton, the WASTECONTROL saves approx. 320 bales of cotton per year, for instance due to an additional 0.4 % yield in good fibers. At a cotton price of 63 cents/lb this corresponds to savings in the amount of 110,900 US$.

1. Feed roll
2. The adjusting slide moves with the knife in a circular path around the centre of the needle roll.
3. The motor regulates the amount of waste.
4. The permanent suction keeps the card clean in this area as well.