Trützschler Card TC 19i

The new intelligent Truetzschler Card TC 19i

The new Truetzschler card generation TC 19i is a quantum leap in spinning preparation: It fulfils the dream of the self-optimizing card. The TC 19i meets demands on individual yarn quality never reached before.
This development was made possible by the pro­found know-how of the best carding technologists worldwide.

The intelligent concept is made possible by the three components:
  • Gap Optimizer T-GO – optimum carding gap even under changing production conditions
  • WASTECONTROL – best raw material utilisation and minimum waste
  • Reliable NEPCONTROL – continuous monitoring of the nep level in the card sliver
3/1000" in self-optimizing precision

When the cotton fibers work their way from the bale to the yarn, the key point for yarn quality lies between the cylinder clothing and flats clothing.

This is where the quality originates – and the smaller the carding gap in cotton carding, the higher the quality. A constant minimum carding gap of 3/1000", for instance, is now automatically set even under changing production conditions.

This way it is possible to continuously and reliably realise the full quality potential.

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