Carding area

Exclusive from Trützschler: 5.3 m² for quality and economic efficiency = longer carding section = more quality!

The cylinder width of the Trützschler cards of 1.28 m is the result of an intensive development process. Initial analyses concerning an optimal cylinder width revealed the following: A larger width would make the construction so massive that it would no longer be economically feasible. A smaller width wastes productivity. Based on production parameters, the new design was developed with the help of T-CON sensors. This also includes new statics and the application of new materials. The level of precision used during manufacturing contributes to the growth in productivity.

2.8 m: The longest carding section on the market ensures perfect quality

The Trützschler Card TC 19i features the longest carding section on the market. Carding quality is ensured by optimal distribution over the three carding areas.

The revolving flat is of particular importance: With an optimal number of flat bars, it is responsible for cleaning as well as extracting neps and short fibres. To ensure its optimal function, the fibre web must be prepared accordingly. This job is assigned to the pre-carding area with its cleaning and carding elements. The higher the pre-opening, the more intense the carding, which in turn results in increased production. The large post-carding area takes care of the rest, thus ensuring even cleaner sliver and higher fibre parallelism.

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