The fast flat setting

Basic settings, reproducible at any time

When it comes to fast and accurate calculation of the distance between cylinder and flat, the Measuring System FLATCONTROL TC-FCT from Trützschler offers numerous advantages. Each card works within an optimal range, thus significantly increasing the quality level.

Basic settings of flats with FLATCONTROL TC-FCT:
  • Moving measuring flat to respective setting position via remote control
  • Graphic screen display of actual distance to the cylinder
  • The technician can adjust the distance of flat to cylinder within seconds - considerably more accurate than with feeler gauges.
Measurement covering the entire flat area
  • FLATCONTROL precisely measures the distance to cylinder clothing
  • Automatic and wireless transfer of all values to a notebook, where they are displayed in form of a diagram.
Advantages of the system:
  • Improved card sliver quality through reduced setting tolerances
  • Extended service life of clothings
  • Quick flat setting
  • Reproducible, objectively verifiable settings
  • Flexible application on all Trützschler cards with aluminium flat bars
  • Independent of personal influences
For the time of the measurement, three regular flat bars are replaced by a measuring flat.
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