SENSOFEED+ and DIRECTFEED: optimal feeding

The Tuft Feeder DIRECTFEED is an integral part of the Card TC 19i. The delivery roll of tuft feeding is identical to the feed roll of the card. Hence, faulty drafts due to wrong or suboptimal settings have no chance to develop.

DIRECTED with successful Trützschler double trunk principle:

  • Upper trunk with significantly larger volume (60 – 180 % higher material reserve)
  • Special geometry of lower trunk and extended material fly form the foundation for excellent sliver CV values
  • Air outlet comb with direct permanent suction, positioned directly in front of the feed roll. Here, just a few centimetres from the nip line of the feed roll, the web is formed. 

SENSOFEED+ ensures controlled web feeding to the WEBFEED unit:

  • The feed table compacts the tuft web and guides it to the knife-shaped feed tray tip.
  • As additional function, the Integral Feed Plate SENSOFEED+ also features feed monitoring for the card.

WEBFEED: The plus for gentle but efficient opening

  • The system consists of one large or three opening rolls connected in series
  • Compared to conventional licker-ins, the tufts are opened in a gentler way and to a higher degree
  • This results in an even and fine web that increases the carding efficiency at the actual main working points between cylinder and flats/carding segments
  • Fibre pre-opening is of decisive importance for the carding process. This allows an adaptation to the respective application.
Flexible Integral Feed Tray SENSOFEED+ for perfect clamping and very precise short-term levelling
Fully-integrated Tuft Feeder DIRECTFEED with built-in air separator and segmented feed tray
This small servomotor adjusts the knife circularly around the centre of the first roll of the WEBFEED.
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