Gap Optimizer T-GO

Carding gap optimization with unprecedented precision

Even an experienced technologist cannot carry out extremely narrow TARGET settings of e.g. 3/1000" with the “cold” card at standstill, because centrifugal forces and expansions due to the temperate increase have a considerable influence on this setting. In addition, a carding gap set once without T-GO results in a “blind flight” in terms of quality in the downstream production process.

T-GO function sequence
  • Before the cylinder starts up, a functional check is carried out
  • After the nominal cylinder speed is reached, a reference measurement is carried out
  • After the material transport is switched on, T-GO carries out a reference measurement.
  • After the machine is heated up, T-GO carries out a reference measurement
  • Now a permanent levelling according to T-CON data takes place

After switching off and restarting, the steps are repeated.The result: The card runs constantly with the ideal carding gap setting under all operating conditions - fully automatically without any manual intervention.

Only active levelling opens up the full potential of the card: The best is permanently brought out of cotton.

Even after maintenance work, such as grinding the flats clothings, T-GO finds the correct setting again via fully automatic self-optimization.

3/1000" carding gap kept constant under all operating conditions with the new Gap Optimizer T-GO
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