Control System

Reliable and user-friendly - this is how a control is supposed to be

The Trützschler card control uses a robust industrial computer that records all sensor data and issues according control commands, e.g. to the drive and servo motors.

Easy to understand and individually configurable

The most important advantage of the large colour touch screen is simple operation. Use of comprehensive symbols, diagrams, and pictures make it language-independent. At the same time it is possible to display only those operating functions that are currently necessary or useful. Malfunctions are clearly classified, and the point of failure is indicated via a detailed picture or diagram.

Maintenance efficiency due to digitally controlled servo drives

Meanwhile, more than 20,000 cards have been series-equipped by Trützschler with maintenance-free servo motors. Another advantage of the digital servo drives is their high efficiency, which reduces electrical power losses. Furthermore, they provide a maximum of speed and control accuracy even at low speeds, which results in improved sliver CV values.

Operating levels (top left to bottom right): Machine operators, maintenance personnel, plant manager/quality manager, Trützschler customer service technician