Sliver suction

Combed cotton for tuft blends

A logical consequence of the annual growth in world fiber volume is the increasing use of blend yarns.

But even when using blends with cotton, the quality improvements of the combing process should not suffer.

With the sliver suction module of the TCO 12 it is possible to extract the combed fibers directly after the drafting system and then blend them on the Tuft Blending Installation T-BLEND.

Since the machines are generally designed to be flexible for normal can delivery and sliver suction, simple handling is a priority.

The suction nozzle can be attached underneath the drafting system with just a single movement. The straight combed sliver is then fed to a separate suction unit.

The necessary production of the machine is transmitted to the combing machines via material requirements of the blowroom. If there is no material requirement, the comber stops automatically to prevent problems in the blowroom.