Superlap TSL 12

Truetzschler Superlap TSL 12 – Multi-Drive-Technology

The newly developed Superlap with multi-drive system produces premium-quality laps. Thanks to individual drives, draft and tension can be precisely adapted to cotton quality and batt weight. Each sub-process has its own drive.

  • Drawing systems
  • Pressure calender
  • Lap forming roller
The new Truetzschler Superlap TSL 12 ensures consistently high lap quality

Laps must have the same properties from the first to the last metre. On the one hand a uniform batt weight is required, and on the other hand a perfect unwinding behaviour on the comber.

To accomplish both, the lap formation processes on the Superlap must be precisely synchronized. This applies particularly to drafts and calendering. During material guidance from creel to lap machine, the focus is on fiber protection.

The 3-over-3 drawing systems are easily accessible. As is customary with Trützschler, the top rollers feature separately controllable pneumatic load.