TWIN Draw Frame TD 9T

"Think twice" for twice the benefit

Trützschler has developed a new concept for breaker draw frames. Thus, traditional classifications into single head and double head machines are outdated. The Trützschler Draw Frame TD 9T is a twin draw frame that is also available as single version if required. Thus, each even and uneven number of drafting heads can be implemented.

The TWIN-concept is based on independent draw frame modules with common elements. Only elements without a negative influence on efficiency, such as control cabinet, control, screen, operator platform and filter, are shared.

No efficiency coupling by means of separate drive technology

Conventional double head draw frames have a very poor efficiency. A standstill on one side stops the production on the other side as well. This is not the case with the Trützschler TWIN-concept. Here the fault-free side continues with regular production.

On a conventional draw frame with a single efficiency of 85 %, only 72 % are actually realised. The single efficiency factors must be multiplied: Depending on the size of the installation, one to two drafting heads can thus be eliminated.

The breaker draw frame with the elements of a modern autoleveller draw frame

The Trützschler breaker Draw Frames TD 9 and TD 9T share a variety of technologically important elements with the reliable Trützschler autoleveller Draw Frame TD 8:

  • 4-over-3 drafting system with pressure bar
  • Pneumatic load, separately controllable for each top roll
  • Pneumatic threading aid
  • Self-adjusting lap monitoring
  • All creel versions
  • Coiler plate with hydro polished tube
New can changer for the new draw frame

To ensure that the full potential of the space-saving TWIN-design is maintained, a new can changer was developed. The space it requires is little more than for two cans. The cans are moved by functionally reliable pneumatics.

Developed for the new Trützschler can format

Naturally, both TD 9 versions are also available for the new 1,200 mm JUMBO CANS. These cans with 43 % more content compared to cans with 1,000 mm diameter show their advantages in the creels of the downstream leveller draw frames or Superlaps. As standard, the can changer is installed under floor, but a version for above floor is also available.

Space-saving integration into modern lines

The strong increase in card production during the last few years has changed the ratio of number of cards to number of draw frames. The installation width of the TD 9 and TD 9T is adapted to the reduced number of cards.

Even with 1,200 mm diameter cans, the new breaker draw frames use up no more installation width than the card group.
The new linear changer with safe, three-sided can guide during the change process