Drafting system technology

Drafting system technology

All Truetzschler draw frame types TD 7, TD 9T and TD 10 as well as the Comber TCO 12 are equipped with the same reliable 4-over-3 drafting system.

Reliable drafting system components
  • 4-over-3 drafting system with reduced deflection angle
  • Adjustable pressure bar for controlled guidance of even short fibers
  • Pneumatically loadable top rolls
  • Self-adjusting lap monitoring
  • Patented bearing technology for minimal heat development

The unique arrangement of the drafting system components with a 30 % smaller deflection angle results in optimal running behaviour even with very fine sliver weights and in particular highly parallelised fibers such as combed slivers or slivers for the airjet process.

To allow a complete edge fiber integration in the critical area of sliver formation in the web guide, gentle deflection is of particular importance. Fiber laps on the top rollers can thus be significantly reduced.

Optimal drafting system geometry for gentle fiber guidance, best CV values and optimal running behaviour