Remote display T-LED

Intuitive and efficient machine operation

T-LED makes machine statuses visible throughout the spinning mill. Thanks to the multicoloured LEDs, various operating statuses can be indicated. The LED bar, which can be seen from both sides, allows visualisation in front and behind the machine.

In automatic mode, specific information on certain parameters are clearly visible during regular production of the machine.

Selectable display modes are:
  • A % sliver count variation
  • Can filling
  • CV % value

If there is a warning for a possible machine stop or a machine malfunction at short notice, the machine automatically switches to the corresponding status displays.

In the process, T-LED can point out specific causes, e.g.: 
  • Sliver break in the creel with position ­display
  • Empty can magazine
If, for instance, the progress of the can filling is displayed, the operator can see at one glance which draw frame requires a new empty can first.
Display of CV values to detect sliver count variations from a distance, here also with freely selectable quality limits.
If the machine needs new empty cans, yellow running lights appear. The operator can then directly bring new empty cans and does not have to read the fault message on the display first.