Sliver suction

The world’s most energy efficient suction system

The effectiveness of the suction depends largely on an optimised geometry of the flow mechanism. For this reason, our specialists have further enhanced the flow behaviour of all draw frame types. Thus, an excellent dedusting of the sliver is ensured even at low suction pressure.

Large savings potential with central suction

If the draw frames are connected to a central filter system, enormous savings potentials can be realised here as well.
Due to the flow-optimised suction ducts, the TD 10 requires only a volume flow of 840  m³/h at a pressure of merely -430 Pa.
This results in a significantly reduced filter load and thus in significantly lower energy costs.
Savings can also be realised to the same extent on the breaker draw frames.

6 times larger filter surface than the competition

By featuring the largest filter surface, the TD 10 sets a new standard. Additional me­chanical cleaning elements and special controls are not required. This eliminates additional maintenance costs and unnecessary sources of interference. Due to the enormous filter surface of the TD  10, a constant suction pressure is reached for hours. This is achieved with a power consumption of only 0.4 kW/h of the filter fan.

Consistently high suction pressure for hours due to the enormously large filter surface of the TD 10