Autoleveller Draw Frame TD 10

TD 10 - a building block in the Smart Factory

Self-optimising features are the key in the world of tomorrow, where high operator fluctuation is already a reality, and with it a loss of important quality know-how.

In combination with the mill monitoring ­system “My Mill”, the quality sensors DISC MONITOR and DISC LEVELLER, which are checking every metre of draw frame sliver, are the building block of a Smart Factory.
Truetzschler engineers took the first steps towards digitalisation and self-adjustment ­already many years ago.
In 2003, the AUTO DRAFT option was developed – a self-optimisation function for the detection and adjustment of the perfect break draft.
The standard self-optimisation function OPTI SET was already launched on the market back in 2007. This function determines the main drafting point and thus the perfect timing to optimally compensate for defects in the drafting system.

The quality filter in the spinning mill

The high-precision levelling of the draw frame sliver in the last draw frame passage is decisive for the quality of the subsequent yarn. For this reason, Truetzschler has further optimised levelling in the new draw frame model TD 10 and thus once again set a benchmark in draw frame technology.

A draw frame concept for all draw frame types

This results in component uniformity and reduced storage effort concerning spare parts:

  • All drafting system components
  • Wear parts: Top rollers, clearer strips, strippers, pneumatic springs, rolling bearings, belts
  • Change wheels
  • Web guides and sliver trumpets
  • Delivery rolls
  • Coiler plate
  • Creel sensors
  • Suction ducts in drafting system
  • Throttle valve drafting system suction
The optimised DISC LEVELLER with new quick release fastener and drive technology SERVO DRAFT are the heart of the autoleveller draw frame.
Always in control with Truetzschler's new mill monitoring system “My Mill”, the all-in-one platform for spinning.