Perfection that optimises itself

Self adjustment at the touch of a button

The degree of the break draft significantly ­influences

  • The evenness of the yarn
  • The strength of the yarn
  • The number of imperfections
  • The running properties of the spinning ­machine

At the touch of a button, the draft force is measured along the entire draft zone. As soon as the operator acknowledges the determined break draft on the screen, the optimisation is finished.

Infinitely variable setting of the break draft

Due to the separate drive of the middle roll, the break draft can be adjusted conveniently and infinitely variable on the display. Replacing change gears is no longer necessary.

Suitable for all materials

With the exception of combed material, AUTO DRAFT is basically suitable for all materials since it takes all major factors into ­account:

  • Fed fiber mass
  • Fiber characteristics (e.g. crimping)
  • Fiber-fiber friction
  • Fiber-metal friction
  • Machine settings
  • Ambient atmosphere, etc.

The optimisation potential of AUTO DRAFT is particularly high when drafting man-made fibers.

Trouble free lot change

When a spinning mill produces only one material it is sufficient to equip only one individual draw frame as “pilot machine” with AUTO DRAFT. This draw frame is used to determine the optimum break draft and to subsequently transfer it to the other machines. In highly flexible installations with different materials that are subject to frequent change it is practical to equip all draw frames with AUTO DRAFT.