Self-optimising to the perfect main drafting point

The time offset between measurement of the sliver thickness and levelling action determines the main drafting point. This has a decisive influence on the quality of the regulated sliver. Until now, this required lengthy series of tests with the slivers in the laboratory.
The Truetzschler Autoleveller Draw Frame TD  10 determines the optimum value using the self-optimisation function OPTI SET.

The distance between DISC LEVELLER and main draft field specifies the time offset for the main drafting point.
1. The draw frame starts after a standard value has been entered by the operator. It successively checks slightly deviating values for the main drafting point. Parallel to this process, the CV values of the fed slivers and of the delivered draw frame sliver are measured and compared.
2. The DISC LEVELLER scans the fed slivers and initiates a corresponding time-delayed levelling action as soon as the material has reached the main draft field.
3. On this basis, OPTI SET suggests the optimum main drafting point to the operator, who only has to approve the recommendation. Common sliver tests and laboratory tests are no longer necessary.