Autoleveller Draw Frame "COMPACT" TD 8C

Compact dimensions, bundled performance

The autoleveller Draw Frame "COMPACT" TD 8C is the Trützschler solution for minimal space requirement. The identifier C = COMPACT characterises the installation solution for this machine.

Single head or double head draw frames 

Concerning autoleveller draw frames, there is no uniform response to this decision. For the most part, autoleveller draw frames require independent units and have only a few components that can be shared. The only thing in favour of double head draw frames is reduced space requirement.

Reduced space requirement and short distances for the operator

The draw frames are directly next to each other, without any space in between. The left operator platform of one draw frame is the right operator platform of the other draw frame. There is sufficient operator space between the can rows in the creel.

Why decide between single head and double head draw frames? 

To form compact units, the Compact concept also allows the combination of more than two draw frames. If, for instance, five draw frames are required according to spinning plan, six heads must be installed when using double head draw frames. With Trützschler COMPACT draw frames it is possible to combine three or more draw frame heads, e.g. five.

The most flexible installation concept

In general, Trützschler draw frames offer all variants necessary for the respective application-oriented requirements:

  • Creel in one or two rows
  • Creel for 6-fold or 8-fold doubling
  • Creel for 600, 1,000 mm cans and JUMBO CANS 1,200 mm
  • Creel adjustable in height to the selected can hight
  • SERVO CREEL or feed creel
  • Can changer with active or passive can supply
  • Can changer for cans with rolls or transfer to a can carriage
All advantages also available in combing

The COMPACT installation concept is of course also available for the draw frame version TD 8-600C, the special draw frame after the comber.The economic advantage of the larger can format can also be used for this draw frame. The Truetzschler Comber TCO 12 can be equipped with can changers for 1,000 mm and 1,200 mm can diameters.

The new linear changer with safe, three-sided can guide during the change process