Integrated Draw Frame IDF 2

The solution for process shortening in spinning

Particularly in the spinning mill with its numerous machines, reduced process stages quickly multiply to great economic advantages.
The Integrated Draw Frame IDF 2 makes this possible by the direct coupling to the Truetzschler cards and the resulting savings in draw frame passages.

Multidimensional advantages from fewer process steps:
  • Reduction in investments
  • Less tied up capital in the process
  • Reduction of workload
  • Minimisation of errors
  • Space savings
Permanent savings only with the Integrated Draw Frame IDF 2
DIRECT SPINNING with IDF 2 saves up to three draw frame passages. Fewer process steps in rotor spinning.
IDF 2 reduces the investment and operating costs. A process reduction always generates savings. In addition to the purchase costs, the operating costs as well as the service and maintenance costs are also eliminated.
Substantial savings start already with the building. A smaller area results in additional savings in lighting, air conditioning and maintenance.
The operating costs are not only reduced by a lower power consumption: 48 % less can transports and piecings at the spinning machine when using rectangular cans. Less piecings also mean a reduction of yarn imperfections.