IDF 2R in rotor spinning

Round or rectangular cans?

The decision depends on several factors. A rectangular can with 450 diameter and 1200  mm height holds approx. 15 kg cotton sliver.
The capacity of a rectangular can is almost twice as high with 27 kg of cotton sliver. Another advantage of rectangular cans is the easier implementation of an automatic can transport system.

Improved quality and optimised economic efficiency

Today, draw frames are no longer required in rotor spinning. This applies to all materials and yarn counts. The applications range from processing of reclaimed fibers to fine yarns.

The Integrated Draw Frame IDF has established itself in rotor spinning

In the meantime, more than 2,500 ­Truetzschler IDF are operating in rotor spinning mills throughout the world. The combination of improved yarn quality coupled with significant savings is convincing.

Comparisons of direct spinning IDF 2 with one and two draw frame passages for rotor yarn Ne 20 cotton
The Truetzschler line with IDF 2 saves three draw frame passages.