TWIN Breaker Draw Frame TD 9T

“Think twice” for twice the benefit

The Truetzschler Breaker Draw Frame TD 9T is not a conventional double head draw frame; it is characterised by the fact that it is also available as a single version if required. Thus, each even and uneven number of drafting heads can be implemented. Furthermore, its intelligent operating concept makes it compact and space-saving.

Maximum efficiency with the TWIN concept

With conventional solutions, an error also stops production on the other side. Instead of a single efficiency of 85 %, in reality only 72 % is realised, because the single efficiencies have to be multiplied.
Efficiencies of over 90 % can only be achieved in practice with the Truetzschler TD 9T. Thus, depending on the size of the installation, 1-2 drafting heads can be eliminated.

Designed for different materials

The strict separation of the drives allows maximum flexibility: Two different materials or two different sliver counts can run side by side on one machine. Even different passages are possible.

Clever dual use

Only components without a negative influence on efficiency, such as control cabinet, control system, touchscreen and operator platform, are shared.

A draw frame concept for all draw frame types

This results in component uniformity and reduced storage effort concerning spare parts:

  • All drafting system components
  • Wear parts: Top rollers, clearer strips, strippers, pneumatic springs, roller bearings, belts
  • Change wheels
  • Web guides and sliver trumpets
  • Delivery rolls
  • Coiler plate
  • Creel sensors
  • Suction ducts in drafting system
  • Throttle valve drafting system suction