Operating concept

Effective machine operation

Mirrored drafting systems

Efficiency plays an important role in the operation of breaker draw frames. For this reason, both drafting systems are operated from the centre. The central operating platform with direct passage from the can changer to the creel allows 50 % savings in operating paths.

Linear, space-saving can changer

To ensure that the space-saving TWIN-design can be used to its full potential, a linear can changer was developed. The space it requires is little more than for two cans.
In addition, the gentle linear can guidance is particularly useful when using 1,000 mm cans and JUMBO CANS.

Can be operated even with multi-row can installation

Due to the small operating aisle in the creel, all creel installation variants can be operated.
For 4-row installation, a block change is recommended for smooth operation.
3-row variants, which make it impossible to repair a sliver break in the middle can, are not necessary.

Working in synchronous mode

The synchronous mode enables effective ­machine handling. Duplicate entries of the settings in the lot data are thus avoided.

Can changing principle and operating paths
Installation width of the new breaker draw frame using 1,000 mm can diameter.
Even with 1,200 mm diameter cans, the new draw frames do not need more installation width than the card group.