Single Draw Frame TD 9

Ideal solutions for exceptional circumstances

Single Draw Frame TD 9

If an uneven number of drafting heads is required, a single draw frame can be added to the TWIN draw frames.
This reduces investment and operating costs compared to a conventionally required additional double head draw frame.

Breaker draw frames with the elements of a autoleveller draw frame

Truetzschler draw frames share many important elements with the Autoleveller Draw Frame TD 10.

  • Infinitely variable delivery speed
  • 4-over-3 high performance drafting system
  • Individual sliver monitoring in the creel
  • Coiler plate with HYDRO POLISHED TUBE
  • Individually pneumatically loaded top rolls
  • Pneumatic threading aid
Breaker Draw Frame TD 7

If the operational organisation does not allow the use of large cans, Truetzschler uses the proven breaker draw frame concept of the TD 7 with rotary can changer.
Featuring a large can magazine, it is ideally suited for a space saving solution for cans with 500 mm or 600 mm diameter.

The Truetzschler breaker draw frames are also equipped with SMART sensors for individual sliver monitoring.
These controllers allow easy and reproducible settings of the top roller loads. A special sensor monitors the pressure.
The space requirement of the Truetzschler breaker Draw Frame TD 9 is reduced to a minimum.