Innovations for everyone

At Trützschler, the benefits of innovative developments are not only earmarked for customers of new installations. Our continuous improvements can also facilitate the production of customers who are already working with Trützschler technology. Upgrades and new constructions can often be integrated into existing installations, resulting in noticeable improvements in performance.

Blow Room

Improvement of separation quality on Foreign Part Separators SECUROMAT SCFO and SP-F.
  • Reliable detection of strip and thread-shaped foreign parts.
  • Simultaneous detection of small high-contrast parts and relatively large low-contrast parts
  • Comfortable user interface 
  • Useful Detection statistics
  • The separation quality is improved
  • Successful in practice
Save raw material with WASTECONTROL
  • Fibres should be part of the yarn and not of the waste. Therefore, we developed WASTECONTROL BR-WCT. WASTECONTROL is a unique toolfor improving the economic effi ciency of the blowroom by raw material savings. 
  • The costs for the raw material are the largest position in yarn price calculation. Raw material savings thus are the best opportunity to realise cost savings. 


T-CON – the ingenious optimisation tool now also for TC 03
  • The T-CON for the TC carding family was first introduced in 2007. T-CON convinced the experts since then. 
  • It is the first system in the world that shows the actual carding distances of the current production conditions on the touch screen. Thus, we refer to T-CON also as „electronic feeler gauge“. Meanwhile, none of the users would want to do without T-CON. 
  • For this reason we now also offer T-CON for retrofitting to all Trützschler cards TC 03.

Draw Frame

More precision in levelling quality
  • New measuring system for increased accuracy
  • Since 2003, the Trützschler TD 03 draw frames are equipped with the so-called input measuring funnel. 
  • Trützschler developed this principle because the existing measuring systems with grooved and sensing roll lacked precision.
Advanced Top Rollers for TD 02 and TD 03 Draw Frames.
  • Increased efficiency with new top rollers
  • We have developed a new bearing technology specifically for top roller application. 
  • Significantly reduced friction means measurably lower temperatures in the drafting system.
  • This results in increased durability of the coatings and consistent sliver quality over extended periods.


T-Tuning-Tools - service in precision
  • Belt tension measuring instrument
  • Digital manometer
  • Dynamometric key 1-12 Nm / 25 Nm
  • Camera microscope
  • Disassembly tool for opening roll DFK
  • Lifting device for WEBFEED TC 03 – TC 7
  • Disassembly tool for feeding cylinder DFK
  • Adjustment gauge set form A
  • Adjustment gauge set form B
  • Calibration tool for sliver count sensors
  • High pressure grease gun
  • Cleaning brush for sliver coiling tubes